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Noble Sound CF, 4/2004
by Noble Champion out of April Sound (JC-Ruthie Dear)
SOLD-Congrats to Erin Anderson of Wellington, FL on this amazing hunter prospect!
What can we say about this amazingly sweet, in your pocket filly from the superior show hunter April Sound sired by International Grand Prix jumper Noble Champion. Few broodmares have such an extensive show record... this filly already showing her athleticism and elegance. This filly has the ultimate hunter "look". She is totally correct and simply stunning. She would be a super candidate for the IHF program....and should be tough to beat once she gets showing! This filly scored a premium score of 8.0 with OLDNA.
For more on Noble Sound CF click here


Alexis, '99
GOV Mare- premium foal
by Axiom (Argentinus) out of Grandos (Hann) mare
SOLD!!! Congratulations to Megan L. of Oregon on her super special mare! We think this match is going to be fun to watch!!!

This lovely mare has a super collection of bloodlines seldom seen all in one horse. Her pedigree includes Argentinus, Freiherr, Furioso II, Grannus, Grenadier, and Grunewald (Grande). She is light, expressive mover, standing just over 16hh tall. This mare has had limited training due to owner's situation but is now going strong and proving to be quite brave and willing under saddle. Professionally started and in serious work until sold. The picture below was when first arriving here and before she had begun to work. She has filled out a great deal and we hope to have new pics soon. This mare should excel in a dressage program but has free jumped with great form up to 4' so has lots of versatility in her future career.


Pantomime CF, 6/2004
by Palladio out of Aunt Lois
SOLD-Congrats to Tekla Jungaro on this excellent Christmas surprise!!!
Our newest arrival from the fantastic broodmare Aunt Lois! This filly is marked very similar to last year's "Phantom CF" and has just as much character as her big brother. This filly loves attention and already shows very striking uphill movement.


Precipitation CF, 4/2004
by Palladio out of Rainfall
This gorgeous colt is a truly once in a lifetime stallion prospect. His excellent pedigree and superior looks, movement, temperament and conformation make him a superior stallion candidate. He is one of only a handful of homozygous pintos in the world and will produce 100% pinto foals.
Offered for sale - inquire for price, serious only please
For more on Precipitation CF click here


Paddington CF, 3/21 2003
by Palladio out of Frequency (OLD)
SOLD!! Congratulations to Adriana G. of California...I can't wait to see this one under saddle since you've done such a super job with our favorite pony Sunny!

You rarely see power like the movement on this guy. He just screams upper level potential...either in dressage or jumping. Super fancy and puppy dog personality!
This guy is just like Palladio with a brown coat!
click here for more on Paddington


Magic, born 5/18/99
by Harley o/o Pappa's Lapin xx
Congratulations to Caitlin M. of Oregon on her purchase of this unique horse! We know we couldn't have found a better place for this guy and can't wait to see him show!

Porcelain CF, 6/03 2002
by Palladio out of Attic Spirit XX
Congratulations to Marsha Duey...this one is a keeper!

Click here for more on Porcelain CF

Puddle Jumper CF
by Palladio out of Waterspot
VERY RARE homozygous pinto warmblood, similar markings to Palladio

SOLD-We hope to watch this guy follow in Palladio's fancy footsteps!!

click here for more on Puddle Jumper


Phantom CF, 4/08 2003
by Palladio out of Aunt Lois xx
SOLD-Congratulations to Larissa Cox on her future dressage partner!
click here for more on Phantom


Pouring Rain CF, 4/23 2003
by Palladio out of Rainfall (OLD)
SOLD-Congratulations to Melissa Virgili, new owner of this special girl!
click here for more on Pouring Rain


Palazzo Civena CF, 2/28 2002
by Palladio out of Westwind (ISR/OLD)
Congratulations to Shandy Voyles-we look forward to seeing the foals you get out of this amazing filly!

Bonsai, August 10, 2001
by Bonjour (Kirkes) out of Aunt Lois XX
SOLD-Congratulation to Tekla Jungaro on this once in a lifetime dressage prospect!

Click here for more on Bonsai

Westwind, 1998
by Westmann out of Pappas Lapin
Currently under saddle, 16.1 hands tall

click here for more on Windy



Pfirewater CF, 5/17 2002
by Palladio out of Waterspot

Click here for more on Pfirewater

Palladia , 3/04 2000
by Palladio out of Frequency
sold to Lori Anderson of Vashon, WA

Click here for more on Palladia

Patton CF, 5/17 2002
by Palladio out of Allegra
sold to Mary Ann Smidt of Auburn, WA

Click here for more on Patton

Ama'Czon, 2001 filly
by Alla'Czar(Zeus) out of Reba Jean XX


Blood bay roan filly, tall diagonal stockings over the knee in the front, large irregular blaze, roaning in flanks and tail.
click here for more on Ama'Czon

Atta'Glancz, March 24, 2001
by Alla'Czar out of Attic Spirit
Chestnut colt, diagonal socks, large blaze.
sold to Janey Holstein of Austin, TX

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Sold by Crestline Farm for Jeannie McKnight, Purchased by Stepani Siudmak of Redmond, WA

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