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Palladio's 2008 show results:

Palladio and Nancy Free

October, 2008: Ammy owner Andrea returns to the ring on Palladio!
CHAMPION-Pre-Adult Hunter
WINNER-Zone 9 Equitation Finals
2nd,2nd,3rd Pre-Adult Equitation
October Classic,
Monroe, WA

August , 2008: (with fabulous catch rider Nancy Free... who had never sat on him before the show)
CHAMPION-3'6" Thunderbird Open Hunters
RESERVE CHAMPION-Regular Working Hunters
12th and 9th in first and second rounds of the International Hunter Derby.
Finishing 11th overall out of 33 in the International Hunter Derby
AA Rated Thunderbird Summer Classic,
Langley, BC

August, 2008:
WINNER-$10K International Hunter Derby
WINNER- $3500 Bunny Coffin Memorial Hunter Classic
RESERVE CHAMPION-Regular Conformation Hunters
AA Rated Evergreen Classic,
Carnation, WA

June, 2008:
2nd, 5th, R, Regular Working Hunter,
4th, 5th out of 26, 3'6" Open Hunters,
Early Summer Classic #2, Wilsonville, OR

May, 2008:
2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 6th, 6th, Regular Working Hunter, PNWHJ Show, Monroe, WA

March, 2008:
CHAMPION-Regular Working Hunter,
1st of 9, 3'6" Open Hunter
Early Spring H/J Show, Salem, OR


The beauty of this magnificent stallion shines from within. He is gentle, kind and sound of mind. Palladio has a willingness to please and is eager to learn. A steady horse, Palladio has great confidence without arrogance, the result is a horse that handles with ease and rides like a dream.
We are proud to offer our talented, well mannered, performance prospects for your careful consideration.

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Below are chronicled some of our favorite moments over the years of Palladio's development into the fabulous, fun-loving guy that he is today...ENJOY!

For 2008 we are thrilled to have Palladio back in the ring doing the Regular Working Hunters! AND OUR BIGGEST NEWS....PALLADIO WINS THE EVERGREEN CLASSIC INTERNATIONAL HUNTER DERBY AND $3500 BUNNY COFFIN WORKING HUNTER CLASSIC! (scroll down for details)

Our last show of the 2008 season was a bit of an afterthought. After much teasing from friends, family and trainers Andrea decided it was time to come back to the world of jumping! Between pregnancy and having a baby, it had been nearly two years since I'd really jumped anything much. At the last minute I decided to head for the October Classic and enjoy Palladio in the Pre-Adult ring. It was really fun to get back to showing! And the best part was that we finished Champion of the Pre-Adult Hunter Division and won the Zone 9 Equitation Finals. Definitely a great return to the ring for me and really fun for me to enjoy Palladio myself for a change! Pictures and video of our rounds coming soon.

After such a great Evergreen Classic we decided that we really needed to head off to Thunderbird in BC, Canada for the second Hunter Derby offered in the PNW.

Palladio and Nancy Free taking on the Hunter Derby

So we scurried around and off we went. Upon arriving at the show we were devistated to learn that due to a personal tragedy Palladio's trainer would not be able to make it to the show. We quicky weighed our options and decided to make the best of it. I approached the fabulous hunter rider Nancy Free who said she'd be happy to catch ride. The next morning without so much as a warmup day, Nancy cruised Palladio into the ring and won the 3'6" Thunderbird open hunters out of 20-some horses. We started to feel pretty good about our choice! By the second day Nancy laid down nearly flawless rounds in the Thunderbird and Regular Hunters. Palladio finished Champion of the 3'6" Thunderbird Hunters and Reserve Champion in the Regular Working Hunters. At this point we all decided to go ahead and take a shot at the Derby. Friday arrives and the Hunters get to hack on the Grand Prix field. It was gorgeous. The ring is amazing, the footing unreal and as I sat out there the sun was coming over the trees at the back of the showpark and was highlighting the remaining morning mist over the field. Palladio looked amazing and I laughed as he marched right up and hopped over the grob...showing his hunter rider that the scary fences were no problem. As I sat there admiring him a perfect "V" of Canada Geese flew right over the course...they were so pretty...and at that moment the announcer spoke welcoming the hunters up to "jumperland" and then said "And I see we have Palladio out there, winner of last weeks International Hunter Derby"...and at that point it was just the most magical, surreal moment.

So Saturday in the raging heat Palladio and Nancy head out for the Derby. Nancy is laughing since the course is rather jumper-y and she hasn't jumped a jumper course in 20-25 years. At least she's not worried about the horse! They lay down a very respectable round over a HUGE and very challenging course. It's really good but does have one unfortunate rub through the brush. It's enough to hold on for 12th out of 32 very, very nice horses and get invited back for the handy round. The handy round is nearly perfect but sadly there is one little miscommunication and Palladio has a rail...such a shame on such a great run too as the rest was amazing. He still gets ninth for that round and finished 11th overall. We are so proud of them both as what an accomplishment for her fourth day sitting on him!


The 2008 AA Rated Evergreen Classic has proven to be Palladio's biggest horseshow ever with him winning the 2008 $10,000 International Hunter Derby, the $3500 Bunny Coffin Memorial Hunter Classic and the 2008 Overall Champion Hunter award for the show.

On Wed and Thurs he showed the Regular Conformation Hunters....he beat them over fences but got nosed out to a Reserve Championship in the Conf...(silly judge, didn't she know stallions are SUPPOSED to have big fat necks, lol)...but who can complain when your horse puts in the rounds that he's how the week went...

Thursday night there was a $3500 Hunter Classic in honor of a fabulous woman named Bunny Coffin that used to come and compliment me on my first horse when I was in high school. She was such a supportive figure in our horse community and we were so honored to win a class held in her honor. We were excited about Palladio's excellent scores of 83 and 84.

Saturday was the USHJA International Hunter Derby. Palladio went in third in the order and laid down the most amazing round...seriously set the bar. It was gorgeous...Steve Sanville took him to all the big options and made it look easy. Palladio scored an 84 and 86. There were 33 rounds to go in and Palladio's scores were never touched. There were four judges in two judging teams and their scores were surprisingly consistant. At the end of the first round the most torrential downpour of all time started...they rained out the second round until Sunday at 7:30 I'm supposed to go home and SLEEP...are you kidding me!!!
So bright and early this AM we zip back up to the show to watch the second round. Palladio, as the leader heads in last. The round he put down was once again totally brilliant. He scored a 96 (a career high for my trainer) and a 92.

It was a totally surreal day. George Morris raved many years ago about what a great Regular Working Hunter Palladio would be and when I heard about the Hunter Derby I thought "wow...a class made for my special"....but this week was beyond belief because Palladio laid it down in both the Regular hunter ring and the Derby. What a great program and I'm so proud that Palladio is the winner of the very first one held in the NW!


In June we were able to sneak away for a quick trip to the Early Summer Classic #2 in Wilsonville, OR.

Palladio with Steve Sanville at Early Summer #2

Click below to watch some recent video clips of Palladio's rounds at the 2008 Early Summer Classic #2 in Wilsonville, OR.
Open 3'6" Round
Regular Working Hunter Round
Regular Working Hunter Round

Some fun pictures that we captured from our video camera after the Wilsonville show...what can we's all about the KNEES!!!

yikes! How 'bout those knees!!!!

Above and below are pictures from the Early Summer Classic #2. The competition here was very tough and Palladio recieved a 2nd and 5th out of 10 in the Regulars. He also received a 4th and 5th out of 26 horses in the Open 3'6". He and trainer Steve Sanville are really starting to click and we hope to have more happy updates later in the summer. The best news of all is that everyone, and I mean everyone, has been coming up to comment on Palladio's amazing jumping technique. Even if his round has a small mistake there is no denying that horses with his jump just don't come around every day!

just a couple fun shots my friend shot with her camera while visiting the Wilsonville show...

In May we showed at the PNWHJ show in Monroe, WA. Here he received three seconds in the regulars as he got to know his new trainer Steve Sanville.


In 2008 Palladio returned to the show ring as a Regular Working Hunter. His first show out for the year he won the Championship at the Early Spring Horseshow in Salem, OR with trainer Morgan Carr.

Palladio and Morgan Carr winning the championship at t
he March 2008 Early Spring show in Salem, OR.


Palladio's debut in the Regular Working Hunter ring at HITS Tucson in 2005. Sarah Invicta Williams and Palladio did some lovely rounds with top ribbons. Now we have a very hard time deciding which ring to show in!



2004 was really mostly devoted to the 100 Day Stallion Testing where Palladio finished 6th with a super score of 111.97 (116.26 Jumping Index and 108.10 Dressage Index) for more picture of Palladio in action at the testing!


Palladio's second trip to "The Evergreen Classic" in August 2003 competing in Preliminary Jumpers and his first ever Mini-Prix.


Palladio's first show "The Evergreen Classic" 08/02 with amature rider Andrea Clibborn. He took a second place in the jumper division.

My first view of Palladio came in the form of a video tape showing him free jumping at just shy of three years of age. That video told me in a second that I had found my new jumping partner and the perfect stallion for our farm!

Palladio's Early Jumping Conquests!-Summer 2002

In August 2002 we took Palladio to compete in his first real horseshow, The Evergreen Classic. It was a huge, five day show that Palladio handled like a champ....luckily no one told him how easy a canvas stall would be to get out of! Palladio turned some wonderful hunter and jumper rounds with the highlight being his second place finish in schooling jumpers in his first ever competitive jumper ride! This show, in addition to Palladio's first, was my reintroduction to showing over fences after way too many years off. I was teased a bit for having the only "Long Stirrup Stallion" in the world...but many people can say they rode their baby...let alone a their first show in Long Stirrup with excellent rounds!

September 2002 we visited the Octoberfest Horseshow and moved Palladio up to some higher fences with Morgan giving him a beautiful ride. The jumps were still easy for him and his rounds went great...very smooth, very clean, and surprisingly quick considering we were trying to use it just for schooling. The jump judge at that show raved about his form and technique...and was completely surprised when he found out he was a stallion.

Plans are now in the works to visit the winter shows in either Arizona or Indio...stay tuned!

In April of 2002, Palladio moved closer to home to work with a fabulous trainer named Morgan Carr. We were, of course, delighted to find such a perfect rider for Palladio and trainer for me so close to home. I knew we had found a great place to call home when I saw how nice and soft all of Morgan's horses went....and that all of his horses had great dressage work on the flat. Palladio had some great basics under his belt and Morgan got right to work fine tuning his abundance of talent.

Palladio's early jumping days-
We have always believed that some horses just love to jump and are bred to naturally be very good at it. Early on we realized that Palladio was a fabulous mover but jumping was Palladio's job of choice. When free in the arena, he would jump the fences just for fun. For a horse like this, we knew the jump would come on its own, so we spent Palladio's first year under saddle on the flat, getting him fit, straight, forward and responsive. All of his flatwork was done with the goal that if good basics were in place, the jumps would just come naturally.

In late November of 2001, after not quite a year of arena work and trail rides, Palladio met his new trainer, Tami Masters, and was introduced to work over fences. Tami was grinning by the end of her first ride and no one watching could believe that it was his first day jumping under saddle. He took it all in stride and looked to be downright enjoying himself.

The real test came when it was my turn to jump him a couple days later. While I used to jump a great deal, I had been without a jumper for almost six years…and boy did I feel rusty! So, off I went on my semi-green stallion to test out my memory of how to properly get a horse to a fence. Needless to say, Palladio's built in scope and ability got us where we needed to be. It quickly became apparent that the best thing for me to do was to just let him do his job and learn to find the perfect spot.

After only a week of over fences work, in December of 2001, I could not turn down the opportunity to ride with Rudy Leone during a clinic at a local barn. I was a little worried about taking such a green jumper to a clinic while still feeling so rusty myself but I figured it was the best way to give myself a quick tune-up under such fabulous guidance. Needless to say, Palladio was a star! He took the new environment in better than any horse I'd ever ridden and rode in close quarters with four other horses (two mares) for three days without giving it a moment's thought. By the end of the clinic we were cantering small courses and Palladio was learning his lead changes.

In January of 2002 we decided that Palladio was ready for his first field trip out to a horse show. We chose the local Jumpernight for his debut. This first show we planned to just jump a couple warm up courses and get him used to the show environment. As Tami had so many horses that day, it was my job to warm him up for her. If you haven't seen a small jumper warmup ring before then you really should find one to visit. It is always chaos! Palladio never missed a beat….you'd have thought we were out hacking at home. The real test came when a rider was thrown in front of a warm up fence and took off at top speed around the arena, made a couple laps right by Palladio and then made it out of the arena and took off across the parking lot! At the moment that horse got loose, I sat atop my young jumper at his first show and just prepared for the worst. I knew I truly had the horse of a lifetime when Palladio didn't even shift a foot!

In February 2002 we attended our second Jumpernight and it went equally well as the first. We put Palladio in the 2'6"-2'9" Warmup Jumper class. While we did not go for speed, it was a great course with lots of tricky turns and angles. Palladio made the event look like a handy hunter class.

With each bit of experience he gains, his famous jumper heritage continually shows itself as he gains confidence and experience. I constantly look forward to watching the talent unfold….and am always so excited that he is forgiving enough to let me be a part of it!

Tami and Palladio schooling at Jumpernight.

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