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Broodmare selection plays a critical role in the offspring any farm will produce. While a fabulous improvement stallion is important, choosing a top-quality stallion for a below average mare often does not result in the desired outcome for any breeder.

While everyone might wish to have a barn full of Premium or Performance champion mares, we recognize that sometimes that just isn't the reality. At Crestline Farm, we look for mares that have set themselves apart from the crowd.

Foremost on every breeders list should be a critical evaluation of their mare's conformation. Your mare may be the sweetest horse on earth but a major consideration should be given to serious, heritable flaws like angular limb deviations or foot problems like a clubfoot. Things such as pasterns that are too upright and short as well as overly long backs with weak toplines should also be avoided. You could run the risk of producing a foal that will carry on these traits that are not only undesirable but can have a very detrimental effect on long term soundness and performance.

Temperament of the mare should also play into you decision. We feel that the temperament should be evaluated based on the job that you want to foal to do. A more energetic, sensitive mare might not be the best match to produce an amateur horse but, if the mare is talented and correct, she might produce a wonderful "sports car" for an upper level rider. As breeders, we can stack the deck in our favor to strive for the sort of horse we want to produce.

Technique for jumping and movement for dressage horses also come into play. Time and again we see breeders use short, choppy moving Thoroughbred mares bred to top dressage sires to produce only average moving foals. On the flip side of this, there are some fabulous moving Thoroughbred mares that will consistently produce top movement. Our mare "Aunt Lois" is a phenomenal example of this. Five of her six Warmblood foals have been premium…from four different sires. She, herself, is a loftly, free-moving mare with great swing in her shoulder and back…and apparently she does pass that on! Similarly, some horses possess a natural ability over fences and this should be looked at before deciding if a particular mare will fit into your breeding program. Our TB mare "Reba Jean" is very much a flat kneed hunter type mover but this mare I rode and jumped while in college…and she was great! Her foals have often been premium based on their suspension and their jumping ability is where they truly shine!

Pedigree can be a great tool in choosing a mare…although I think we all have seen exceptions to that rule! We always like to see well known sport lines in our Thoroughbred pedigrees and we do consider pedigree when looking at what our Warmblood mares are best suited to produce. Many mares have both dressage and jumping lines in their pedigrees and their foals can really reflect that. Our mare Allegra has had both incredible jumper type foals and dressage foals…and most look to excel in both arenas! Her lines of Abdullah, the great Olympic Grand Prix Jumper and Pik Solo, the great Grand Prix Dressage horse, suggest offspring of wonderful versatility.

We are very pleased with our collection of top-quality mares and are thrilled that we have a versatile stallion that we expect to be an incredible cross with each of them.

We are also enjoying the first foals from our younger mares :

Frequency- Our first daughter from Aunt Lois by Fabriano (Furioso II) and a premium foal . This mare can move like a dream, has fabulous jumping form and is sensitive and energetic to ride. Bred to Palladio she produced increased size, maintained nice bone, and ensured a wonderful even temperament.

Westwind- Our only daughter of the incredible Pappa's Lapin by Grand Prix Dressage Stallion Westmann, She crossed with Palladio to maintain all of her fabulous qualities including temperament, movement and jumping form!

Waterspot- A daughter of TB hunter champion Waterway Drive. A well-built, TB/Dutch WB cross mare with great stride and elegance. Bred to Palladio to maintain size and bone, and ensure great temperament and jumping form.-

Touch a Star- She was selected for her incredible typey hunter look! This phenomenal looking hunter mare sadly slipped a gorgeous pinto Palladio colt at 5 months old. She appears fine and we are hoping to see her safely carry her next foal and are looking forward to wonderful hunter kids from her.

Rainfall- This premium RPSI mare by Rainbow speaks for herself. We chose her because she has it all!

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